Recruitment FAQs

Does it cost anything for me to register with RHR?

No, only the cost of your travel to one of our offices.

So, who does pay you then?

Our client companies.

If the companies have to pay you, would I not be better off applying direct as then they would save a fee?

No. Client companies only pay their agencies and consultants if they wish to use their services. Many companies do not have the resource or time to do the initial screening and therefore find it cost efficient to work with outside suppliers. Furthermore, most of the roles we handle are not advertised by the client. If you don't register with us, you will never know about these roles.

I really need a job. Surely it would be better for me to apply to as many agencies as possible and also to remain on CV banks.

No, it really wouldn't. Imagine yourself as the recruiter within a large organisation. How would you feel if you saw the same person's details a dozen times? It makes you look desperate. Your job search should be carefully planned.

I worked with an agency before and they didn't help me. Why should I try that route again?

No agency or consultancy can guarantee to get you a job. Their ability to help you is wholly dependent on what assignments they are handling at the time. What we can guarantee is that we will be honest with you. If we don't think we can help, we will tell you. If we are going to keep your details speculatively, we will tell you. And if we tell you we think we will be able to find your next role, we really mean it.

Where can I find help with brushing up on my interview skills, and getting my CV sorted?

Register with us in the first instance and browse our site for additional information. You can find out more about the recruitment process, research the retailers we work with and learn about assessment centres and psychometric testing.

I am worried that you might be working for my employer and they may find out that I am considering a career move. Can you reassure me?

We may well be working with your current employer. However, we have a duty of care in law to respect your confidentiality in the same way that we must respect your employer's confidentiality. Were we to breach your trust in this way our reputation would be in tatters and we could be heavily censured by our regulator, the Employment Agencies Standards Office.

You have said that I should not register with too many agencies. I am already registered with four. Therefore, I really shouldn't register with you, should I?

RHR is the largest player in this field. Whilst you should not be registered with too many agencies and consultants, you should not miss out on the most significant player. Furthermore, the reason we say don't register with too many is that some of these firms will send your CV out without your knowledge and approval, causing duplication. RHR will never send your CV out to an organisation without discussing it first, unless we have already secured your agreement to send it out speculatively.

May I see what you write about me when you send my CV to clients?

Yes - indeed it is your right under the Data Protection Act to see it.

I went on a job board and applied to lots of jobs, both direct to clients and to agencies. Now I can't remember where I applied. Is that a problem?

Only a little. Let us know if any of the agencies have been back in touch and formally registered you. If you're happy with them, then there's no problem. If not, then you can withdraw your CV. It would be helpful if you could let us know which job board it was and if there are any companies to which you are sure you have directly applied. For future reference, it's better to always make a note about where your CV has gone.

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