Retail employment map

The RHR retail employment map of Britain shows where the key centres of retail employment are in the UK.

The retail industry is the largest employer in the United Kingdom employing roughly one in nine of the total workforce. Working in retail is often looked down upon as being low paid and lacking in status. Yet without our retail industry the unemployment figures would look awful. Retail jobs are often very well paid and require highly skilled people, for example, a retail manager may well be earning a six figure salary. A large Tesco or Sainsbury's supermarket may employ up to 1,000 people and, by itself, have a turnover of much more than most UK companies. Professionals working in retail buying or retail merchandising are amongst some of the most skilled in the world.

Napoleon once called us a nation of shopkeepers. Perhaps he was right.

This survey plots where this employment actually takes place. One of the great advantages of retail employment is that it is national. At any one time there will be retail vacancies right across the country. Obviously much of the employment is concentrated in the cities and London in particular. Nevertheless our retail industry provides flexible and local jobs in a way that no other industry can offer.

Here's a link to Retail Employment Map of Greater London.

Here's a link to Retail Employment Map of England.

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