The recruitment process

Where to start?

All you have to do is apply to one of our vacancies or register with us. Once we have received your application, we'll be in touch to arrange a suitable time to discuss your career in more detail.

Meeting our team of retail consultants

We would always prefer to meet you face to face. Not only because we have a much better chance of assessing
your suitability for our roles (and the client's suitability for your needs), but also because many of our clients will
insist that we conduct the first interview. However in certain circumstances, particularly if you're some distance
from our offices (more than two hours travel), we can arrange a telephone or Skype interview.

Our consultants are mostly from the retail industry and they're the most highly trained and skilled recruiters in this
industry. We make no apology for the fact that they are salespeople. It is their role to sell our clients' vacancies to
you. They are also skilled recruiters, using the most advanced methods of recruitment and selection.

Our ability to help you is entirely dependent on what assignments we are handling at the time of your application.
So, if we say we can't help you at the moment, it's not because we think your application is inferior in any way.
We may also suggest meeting with you for a face to face interview on a speculative basis if we anticipate working
on a suitable role in the near future. This will always be made clear to you.

Once we have met you

Once we have met you, your consultant will tell you there and then whether or not we feel we can help you; and in
all cases, you should find the advice they give you useful. If the consultant does feel that they can help you, they'll
usually ask for a few simple commitments from you. These will include that you tell us where else you have
applied and that you don't apply direct (or through other agencies or consultants) to companies where we agree
that your details should be submitted.

Working with other agencies and consultancies

It may be the case that you're already registered with other agencies and consultants. We have absolutely no
objection to this and, actually, it's often sensible to register with more than one. However, our recommendation
would be that if you've had no contact from that agency in the last six weeks, or aren't satisfied with the service
you've received, you withdraw your CV.

However, if you have met via a face to face interview with another agency or consultancy and are currently being
interviewed by their clients, we wouldn't want to interfere with that process at all. We'd suggest strongly that you
don't register with too many and you should remain registered only with those you regard as professional and
trustworthy. It can be damaging for your career if your CV is being marketed in unprofessional hands.
We won't duplicate submissions to client companies that you've informed us our competitors have suggested.

We would ask that you don't permit other agencies and consultants to duplicate any submissions we've made. And, of course, you shouldn't duplicate that application yourself.

All agencies and consultancies are not alike

We believe that our industry is well served by a number of professional firms that all have their strengths and
weaknesses and key areas of specialism. However, like almost every other industry, there exists every extreme
from the highly professional and efficient firms through to the opposite extreme. You'll have to judge for yourself,
but stay away from those who make you feel uneasy, sceptical or undervalued.

Our recruitment FAQs can be found here

You can download the full applicant brochure here



For job seekers

With many of the UK's top retailers as clients, we are in the best position to help you in your retail career. We find out when vacancies arise sooner than anyone else, and we invest a great deal of time in meeting all candidates face-to-face to ensure we understand exactly what they are looking for.

job seekers

For recruiters

Using the largest retail candidate database in the UK, RHR can provide you with superior candidates to fulfil any retail recruitment needs. We can cater for any recruitment campaign, whether large or small and across all areas from Retail Operations through to Wholesale Technical & Design.