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By signing up to the Covenant, RHR is pledging to work with the Employers Domestic Abuse Covenant (EDAC), a government supported pledge by businesses that enables women affected by abuse to enter or re-enter the workplace.

According to the Office of National Statistics, the number of police recorded domestic abuse-related crimes in England and Wales rose 6% in the year ending March 2021 to 845,734.

By signing up to the Covenant, RHR are pledging to work with the EDAC to offer support such as access to employment for women who have been victims of domestic abuse. But also, to raise awareness of domestic abuse within the workplace and encourage meaningful conversations.

Peter Burgess, managing director of RHR said: “We are pleased to announce that we have joined the EDAC (Employers Domestic Abuse Covenant) to raise awareness of domestic abuse. Few people realise that one in four women and one in seven men are the victims of domestic abuse, but almost certainly, most of us know someone who is, or has suffered from this at some point. Employers can provide vital help in this area by providing a safe person to talk to and by looking out for the signs.

We hope other employers will join and the aim should be to eliminate this scourge on our society.”

Polly Harrar, Founding member of EDAC said: "We are delighted to welcome RHR as our latest signatory of the Employers Domestic Abuse Covenant (EDAC). RHR seek to lead the way in how domestic abuse is addressed and we look forward to working together to make a sustainable difference."



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