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Top tips for interviews

It is perfectly normal to feel anxious, excited and a bit stressed about interviews, but some preparation beforehand can help to calm your nerves and allow you to show yourself at your very best.

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Your CV

The fine balance of keeping your CV brief enough to be appealing but still get across everything you want to say.

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Check your digital footprint

As social media grows in popularity, more employers are beginning to use platforms such as LinkedIn as a way of screening candidates. This guide will ensure your social media profiles are ready for a professional setting.

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The perfect covering letter

In a perfect world, you should tailor every CV to the job to which you are applying. But, in this internet age where everyone applies to dozens, if not hundreds, of jobs this simply isn’t practical.

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Coping with assessment centres

The nature of assessment centres has changed a lot over the years. Traditionally used to recruit graduates or junior staff they have recently become popular for more senior recruitment.

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Working with agencies and consultancies

In the modern world almost every job search is likely to involve interaction with agencies and consultants. In the retail sector alone there are over 100 firms and almost as many in hospitality. Surprisingly though, many people do not understand the role of such firms and very often mistake them for career counsellors or, worse still, Job Centres.

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For job seekers

If you're in the job market, it can be a worrying time with the turmoil caused by the pandemic. You should be registering with consultants you can trust. We can't guarantee our ability to help you, but we can guarantee to safeguard your details. If we get in touch with you it's because there's a role we need to discuss. If we don't, then we'll keep your details live pending future positions.

job seekers

For recruiters

RHR has specialist teams in most sectors, from manufacturing to hospitality and from public sector through to retail. We recruit managers and professionals in a wide range of functions, specifically, general management, digital marketing, HR, finance, procurement and supply chain. We have traded for over 30 years and have an enviable reputation for delivery, honesty and integrity.