We hope you are all well during these uncertain times. Although some roles are on hold due to COVID-19, please send your CV to info@rhr.co.uk and we'll endeavour to get you registered for future roles!

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We are growing the business and are looking for consultants and potential consultants to join our team. RHR is the leading recruitment business supplying a full range of recruitment services to the retail and hospitality industries. We will look at people from a wide range of backgrounds and different levels of experience so, whether you are a graduate looking for your first or second job, or you have experience from another commercial environment, this may be right for you. Salaries vary considerably from entry level (£20k basic + commission) to the potential to earn £100k. With a completely open salary policy, you can be certain that salary and benefits are always fair.

Why work in recruitment?

If you like a sales environment, and like your earnings linked to the effort you put in, then this is definitely worth a look. You will be working with people and assisting them with their careers. It can be challenging, but also very rewarding when you help someone advance their career. You'll also be working with some of the best names in the retail and hospitality sectors.

You should understand that this is a commission based role. Therefore, it is likely that your base salary may be lower than your current salary, but your potential earnings will be much higher. If a steady fixed salary is what you're after, then this is probably not the role for you.  This is a role where you get back what you put in. Whilst people can do very well working normal office hours, our working hours are whatever it takes to get the job done well.*  RHR’s training and development is renowned throughout the recruitment and retail industry as being amongst the best available. A successful career in RHR looks very good on your CV. It is also a warm and friendly environment with a good social life for those who enjoy good relationships with their colleagues.

And why not?

Recruitment is a sales role. It is not an HR role. Whilst you will be trained in the very best talent acquisition and recruitment techniques, it is first and foremost your sales ability that interests us. If you don't like the idea of selling to clients, and then selling those clients to the job applicants, this isn't likely to appeal to you. Our role is to persuade the best applicants to work for our clients rather than their competitors. RHR does not believe in the “hard sell” but professional selling and strong influencing skills are essential; so is the drive to want to succeed. If you are easily put off by disappointment, recruitment is not for you.


If you are interested in finding out whether recruitment is for you or not, please email Jo Dovey who will send you a link to some simple tests. One is a short verbal reasoning test that simply tells us how quickly you interpret verbal information. The other is a preference questionnaire which tells us what sort of things motivate you at work. On completing these tests you can then progress to the next stage which will be a very short video interview. This is automated and will only take a few moments. If we move you onto the next step, you will be invited to a face to face interview with one of our account directors or senior account managers. This usually takes just over an hour and is an opportunity for you to get to know us.

The final stage is a one day assessment centre. This really is a chance for you to understand the role and get to know us. For us, it gives us a chance to truly assess whether recruitment is right for you. By this stage we will have already judged that you have the ability. It's more about "are we right for you?". Most people find these days entertaining and helpful as full feedback will be given on all aspects of the process. (NOTE:  Experienced recruiters should arrange with Jo for a private conversation with one of our directors as there would be no need for this process for someone well experienced in the industry.)

What we look for

As far as background is concerned, it can be quite varied. However, we are always particularly interested in people who have worked in a sales environment and understand the advantages and disadvantages of working with commissions as a significant portion of their salary. We would also look for a reasonable degree of longevity. If you have changed your job seven times in the last five years without good reason, you may not be right for us. More than anything, we are looking for people who know how to engage with others. You will need strong social skills and possess a deep respect for other people, whatever their background.

If you would like to have a look at a typical one week diary, please click here.

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