We have two very important assets that can help to differentiate us from the competition and fulfill our Group Mission - our people and our brand.

Our People

Capitalising on what is unique about individuals and drawing on their different perspectives and experiences adds value to the way we do business. In Barclays we want to recruit and develop people from the widest possible talent pool, so we get an insight into different markets and become as creative as possible about anticipating what our customers want from us.

To do this, we're always aiming to produce a creative working environment where everyone has an equal chance of success. What does this mean for you? It means you always have the right to fair treatment and a right to an equal chance of success at every stage of your time with Barclays. You have the right not to be discriminated against and to be treated with respect.

Our Brand

We cannot talk about culture without talking about our brand. The brand is the look and feel of Barclays. It's how the company appears to customers and potential customers. Having a strong brand helps to raise awareness, making it more likely that we'll be their first choice for financial services. Our brand also nurtures loyalty so customers keep coming back to us.

Companies with successful brands promise - and deliver - consistently higher levels of service than their rivals. Barclays has an extremely powerful brand image, partly due to the reputation and trust that comes with more than 300 years of banking history and partly due to its experience and expertise.

In what is a fiercely competitive marketplace, building customer loyalty through strong relationships, and providing the best possible financial solutions is vital. Understanding and actively promoting the brand is at the heart of that.


For job seekers

With many of the UK's top retailers as clients, we are in the best position to help you in your retail career. We find out when vacancies arise sooner than anyone else, and we invest a great deal of time in meeting all candidates face-to-face to ensure we understand exactly what they are looking for.

job seekers

For recruiters

Using the largest retail candidate database in the UK, RHR can provide you with superior candidates to fulfil any retail recruitment needs. We can cater for any recruitment campaign, whether large or small and across all areas from Retail Operations through to Wholesale Technical & Design.