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Pattern Cutter Jobs

- What opportunities are open to me in a pattern cutter role?

A pattern cutter's job is to draw and cut out sets of patterns for specified ranges of garment sizes as well as grading (increasing or decreasing dimensions) a master pattern for each size within a set. Naturally as a pattern cutter you will have excellent technical knowledge and skill. In terms of progression, a senior pattern cutter is usually the next step. The senior pattern cutter supervises and coordinates the activities of workers engaged in marking, reproducing, and assembling paper garment patterns for use by manufacturers. They will also observe operations to verify that pattern parts are marked for fabric weave lines, coded to specifications, reproduced clearly, and assembled in specified order. The senior pattern cutter will also modify new patterns, using a superb knowledge of mathematics and pattern cutting principles. They will also determine layout for various pattern sizes to prevent waste and estimate material yardage required as well as training new pattern cutters to mark, reproduce, and assemble patterns.

If you would like to speak to someone about applying for a pattern cutter job or for a complete list of our nationwide pattern cutter jobs, please get in contact!

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