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Wholesale Merchandiser Jobs

- How can I develop my career as a Wholesale Merchandiser?

A career as a wholesale merchandiser can be extremely rewarding and satisfying, as a wholesale merchandiser has a great deal of autonomy over his or her projects, overseeing every stage of production from research and development of the original concept to ensuring that the product arrives at the appropriate outlet on time and in sufficient quantity. In particular, wholesale merchandisers are responsible for managing the supply chain. They need to ensure that mistakes do not happen and that alternatives are available where necessary.

Consequently, as a successful wholesale merchandiser you will need to know everything there is to know about the supply chain, understand and deal with the needs of clients and make things happen as swiftly, easily and cost-effectively as possible. Ultimately, a wholesale merchandiser has to work alongside buyers to develop new and exciting, innovative products. The profession therefore requires a wealth of factory knowledge, as a wholesale merchandiser must find the best possible product in response to a buyer's needs and translate the buyer's thoughts into product. As a result, they should have an understanding of the product in question - as well as of how that product can best be manufactured.

While a sound educational background is helpful, university degrees or post-graduate qualifications in marketing, commercial studies, business management/administration are valuable but not mandatory within the wholesale merchandising field. However, some businesses prefer students with mathematics-related degrees, a high level of computer literacy and strong analytical and numerical skills.

Progression up the career ladder as a wholesale merchandiser is generally performance-based - those who perform well may find themselves moving on up quickly. Product specialisation is not essential, as the skills required to merchandise different products are transferable. Lateral movement is possible, as buyers can move across into the career of a wholesale merchandiser. However, prior experience as a buyer is not necessary for a career in wholesale merchandising.

Although there is no industry standard for a wholesale merchandiser job, the typical career path of a wholesale merchandiser may be to start as an assistant merchandiser or merchandising clerk, moving up through wholesale merchandiser to senior wholesale merchandiser and ultimately to product or merchandising manager.

If you would like to speak to someone about applying for a wholesale merchandise job or for a complete list of our nationwide wholesale merchandiser jobs, please get in contact!

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