We hope you are all well during these uncertain times. Although some roles are on hold due to COVID-19, please send your CV to info@rhr.co.uk and we'll endeavour to get you registered for future roles!


RHR offers the following recruitment methods:

Advertised Selection
Creating, planning and managing the candidate response to an advertising campaign can be a time consuming process. So why not let RHR do the hard work?

Using our acknowledged expertise in buying effective media space through our advertising agency division Together Communications (www.togethercomms.co.uk), RHR can manage the process from start to finish. Our ISO9001 accredited quality systems ensure a smooth and professional response handling mechanism. Our trained consultants will then interview suitable candidates at any one of our 11 UK offices. All you'll need to do is interview those on our most capable and competent shortlist.

Added to which, the shortlist we'll provide will also include the best of pre-registered RHR database candidates. And as our inventory of retail professionals is the largest in Europe, you can be sure we'll only offer you the cream of the crop. Take the stress out of recruiting, talk to RHR.

If you know who you want or the skills that are necessary, sometimes it's better to go straight to the source. RHR offers a careful, discreet and professional executive search service.

Contacting and interviewing the cream of the crop, we provide a cost effective, simple solution to your specific needs.

Database Search
As well as being the number one source of UK retail professionals, RHR is the most prolific advertiser of retail positions and regularly appears in many publications.

Due to this commitment to year-round advertising, we possess the largest retail management database in Europe. This register, detailing a phenomenal number of retail operations professionals, is directly linked to our offices and updated minute by minute. So no matter who you're looking for, chances are we've already met them.

Temporary Staff and Fixed-term contracts
If you have to recruit an immediate solution this may be an ideal option.

Temporary staff can provide short term cover for seasonal work, sickness or maternity leave as well as being suitable for project based work and also provide a bench mark if you need to recruit to permanently fill your position.

We offer you total flexibility and provide Temporary Workers charged on an hourly or daily basis, paid via our in-house temps payroll. These can be sourced for by our temps team or we can offer a payroll service for your own candidates. We can also source Interim options for fixed term contracts lasting several months.

Of course, these methods are used in conjunction with each other, all underpinned by our primary motivation to provide you with the best talent available.

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For job seekers

With many of the UK's top retailers as clients, we are in the best position to help you in your retail career. We find out when vacancies arise sooner than anyone else, and we invest a great deal of time in meeting all candidates face-to-face to ensure we understand exactly what they are looking for.

job seekers

For recruiters

Using the largest retail candidate database in the UK, RHR can provide you with superior candidates to fulfil any retail recruitment needs. We can cater for any recruitment campaign, whether large or small and across all areas from Retail Operations through to Wholesale Technical & Design.