Asda is to donate £2 million to small businesses to help fund around 400 apprenticeships across the UK.

Apprenticeship Levy is paid by large businesses and as part of that proposal, Asda has decided to transfer a portion of its annual funds to enable apprentices to train in small businesses.

The funding will initially benefit companies in London, Leeds City Region and Leicester, although it will be extended to more places in the coming months.

Asda’s chief people officer Hayley Tatum said: “Throughout the pandemic we have done all we can to support our local communities – not just as a supermarket, but as a large business with the ability to have a real impact in the communities we serve. We understand that now, more than ever small businesses and people in our communities need support due to the scale of the economic and social impacts of Covid-19. We are delighted with how our own apprenticeship scheme is progressing and we are excited to see the positive impacts this investment it will have.”

The supermarket currently has over 1,000 apprentices working across every level of its business ranging from hourly staff through to senior director level.