In an effort to help customers, health and beauty retailer Boots have increased the ‘Boots Everday’ essentials range.

The ‘Boots Everyday’ label was created to help customers easily find the lowest priced essential products. It has now been expanded to include a further 60 health and beauty lines, priced between 50p and £2.50. Since its creation in September 2022, Boots Everyday has become a favourite with customers with sales up by 35% . New to the range are a selection of Boots-brand vitamins at just 99p, skincare lines including face wash and moisturiser at £1.50, and new organic cotton wool pads, balls and tips from 60p, helping customers to be kind to the planet as well as their pockets.

Additionally, Boots Price Lock Promise has been updated to ensure it includes the products that are truly essential for customers guided by Boots charity partner, The Hygiene Bank. The charity is on the front line of helping people that need hygiene essentials the most and are therefore perfectly placed to direct Boots on the products that are in need during the cost-of-living crisis. The price of the 400 lines included in Price Lock will be frozen until at least April 2023.