Flooring Superstore is planning to open 20 new stores in the UK in 2022 after launching 17 last year.

In a statement, the retailer said the shops will all be in areas where it does not currently have a presence.  Having started out as an ecommerce retailer in 2012, Flooring Superstore’s store portfolio now stands at 42, with outlets stretching from Glasgow in the north to Plymouth in the south.

In addition to the investment in stores, Flooring Superstore gave away £200,000 in promotional discounts in 2021 and also donated tens of thousands of pounds worth of flooring to charities and organisations in the areas where it has stores.

It has also made a significant contribution to environmental protection by planting over five  million trees, removing one million plastic bottles from the oceans and seas, and protecting over 29,000 acres of rainforest.