Games Workshop has reported a rise in sales and engagement after a strong interest in its Warhammer game.

However, profits dropped in the six months to November 28, 2021 as costs increased.

The gaming retailer is planning a £6m upgrade to its web store after a half-year in which online sales fell by 10%. The retailer wants to ensure its Warhammer game products are better available to customers, while investing in support functions to boost on time deliveries. It also says that global disruptions have affected its operations in ways that may persist for several months.

The retailer reported revenue of £191.5m in the six months to November 28 2021, up 2.5% from £186.8m a year earlier. Pre-tax profits of £88.2m were 3.7% down from £91.6m last time, as the cost of distribution, staffing and wages increased, while foreign exchange movement also hit the bottom line.

Trade sales continue to be the largest part of the Games Workshop business, with sales of £108.1m up 3.9% from £104m last time, followed by retail sales (+13.5% to £41.9m) and online (-9.6% to £41.5m).

More than 20% of Games Workshop sales take place online through its own website, while shoppers also buy its goods online from the independent retailers that it supplies.

The retailer said that post-Brexit trade rules cost it an extra £2 million in shipping and freight costs in the half-year, compared to the previous year.