IKEA will phase out plastic from consumer packaging solutions to reduce plastic waste and drive the industry agenda to develop packaging centred around renewable and recycled materials.

The phase-out will happen in steps, starting with all new range by 2025, and running range by 2028. With this phase-out, IKEA aims

Packaging is a key component of the IKEA business model and an important enabler for affordability, sustainability, and safe handling. To combat plastic waste and pollution, IKEA has already significantly decreased the amount of plastic used in packaging solutions. Today, less than 10% of the total volume of packaging material used annually by IKEA consist of plastics. In closing the remaining gap by removing plastics from consumer packaging solutions, IKEA will continue the movement towards only using renewable or recycled materials.

On an annual basis, IKEA spends over 1 billion Euros on approximately 920 000 tonnes of packaging material. The movement away from plastic in consumer packaging will require the engineering of new solutions, as well as close collaboration with product development teams and IKEA suppliers across the world. Plastic packaging might remain in some parts of the IKEA food range where it is needed to secure quality and food safety standards beyond 2028, in which case it will come from renewable or recycled sources.